Existence-ok Industries Presents,

 Media Search Engine

Existence-ok MSECC 2004.

Introduction: The Media deserves a search engine for people to be able to find what so ever there are looking for.

Media Search Engine: A channel designed by Existence-ok Industries for Searching the Media houses for what so ever film or movie the user types in with his/ her remote control is relayed on the Television.

Media Search Engine Diagram:


James Bond







Movie Results:

You Only Leave Twice

Dr. NO

For Your Eyes Only


On Her Majesty Service

The Spy Who Loved Me

From Russia With Love

Golden Eye ...


The title James Bond is typed in the search space on the Search Channel, Channel 100. Many of the James Bond films appear on the Tv Screen. Thunderball is shown as selected, press ok to watch. 

Procedure: The station is done by creating a link to all the media homes available and creating a store for films that are reloaded when requested for by the customer.


Satellite Cover Positioning Diagram:


Our services: Existence-ok Industries is the Search Channel Provider. We connect all others for your search view.

 A fee is paid by these houses who need our services to relay their channels to others who can not reach them without searching.

Monthly Charge per Customer use :  N 2,000.00

Conclusion: This is the future of Television!


Oko Offoboche

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