Existence-ok Industries Presents,

Trash Flusher

City Trash Flusher

No need to carry trash around.

Existence-ok Trash Flusher 2005.

 Introduction: Trash Flusher is a system in which all rubbish is thrown into our special trash can that incinerates the trash then flushes it to a waste centre for processing.

Trash Flusher: The incinerated trash is flushed with highly concentrated acids through synthesized plastic tunnels of 10 meters or larger, the acids help in the disintegration of materials that were not burnt.    



               Trash Can

Oval: Refuse Collection Chamber
                                   Synthesized Plastic Pipes

This is a Dummy with little detail.

Trash Flushing System





Use: The trash flushing system will allow our cities to be cleaner and allow the government to concentrate on other things. Since, the trash is collected like city PVC System.

The trash being flushed in acid at the initial stage is collected in a general pool then flushed of with water.


Our Charges are: the charges are made available when you contact us.                     

Payments: payment shall be in full for the system to be released. Or pay for literature. Send us an email.

Caution: You are advised to rely on the staff of Existence-ok Industries to install the system after payment. We will not be responsible for damages caused due to wrong installation by other persons.

Conclusion: This is the future of Home, Office and City Sanitation. Enjoy the Product! as we Pioneer it.                                     


Oko Offoboche


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