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Weather Controller


Hurricane, Ozone, Tornado etc.









Via Satellite



Existence-ok Weather Controller 2005.


 Introduction: The Weather Controller works by inducing Ozone to the Atmosphere and inducing freeze to the Ocean when it is warmer.

Weather Controller: This device makes it possible to alter the weather from becoming destructive. Ozone is produced and planted into the atmosphere in large quantities by using airplanes after the factory production. The ozone (O3) is produced in large quantities and carried into the affected area by fuel airplanes and let out into the atmosphere.     


This is a Dummy with little detail.

Atmosphere & Ocean

Procedure: A water cooler is used for Hurricanes and Wind Deflector for Tornadoes. Water Heater is used to cause a diversion for the Hurricanes to a bigger one in the Ocean then, it can be dissipated there.


Conclusion: This is the future of Weather Technology. Enjoy the Product! as we Pioneer it.                                     


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