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Y-Heap Machine

Yam Heap Machine


Existence-ok MSECC 2004.


Introduction: Machine that makes 200 yams heaps per sec.

Y-Heap Machine: A machine that picks from all the top soil over the ground and turns it up side down to make a conical heap.  






                             Yam Heaps Done By the Machine






                                         Blades and hoes for mowing and heaps


This is a Dummy with little detail.

Procedure: A vehicle using helium to elevate uses the Blades to cut grass then make heaps at once.

The blade in front cuts grass, then the one behind makes heaps 400 of this blades gives 200 heaps per second.

Our services: Existence-ok Industries Produces these machines.

Conclusion: This is the future of farming!


Oko Offoboche


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