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Get the USA election 2008 etc. and world Market Crisis 2008-2010, in pictures from NTA, CNN & other Media Houses.


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Order SAVE Niger Delta Tag to wear.

(Size: 1 Inch by 1 Inch)

Bakasi Peninsula is the main problem of the Nation�s security, export and fishing.

Oil is where others look at yet it is the least problem. Niger Delta proper is polluted.

We should reserve oil that is not reproduced at the rate of consumption for future use.

N50 each

Order SAVE Northern Desert Tag Tag to wear.

(Size: 1 Inch by 1 Inch)

The Desert encroachment into Northern Nigeria

If not checked would chase us out.

There is a lot of land for farming.

Farming and Irrigation would stop the desert.

Trees have to be planted and more irrigation machanisms.

N50 each


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