List of programs and information required to design your website:


  1. Home (First Page) required.

Important: Please Choose what you require?

  1. What�s New (Daily News: Website Changes, Press releases, Articles and Reviews)
  2. Products (Number of Products; Product Images, Pricing Information, Information Request form)
  3. Services (Number of Services; Capabilities List, Reference Accounts, Information Request form)
  4. Table of Contents (Choose: Keep page list up to date automatically, Show pages not linked to website or use bullets for top pages)
  5. Feedback form (Choose: Full Name, Job Title, Company Affiliation, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, E-mail Address)

                                                               i.      Choose one: compatible with database and spreadsheet program or web-page format.

  1. Search form
  2. Introduction
  3. Mission Statement or Mission and Objective
  4. Company profile
  5. Contact Information
  6. About us (everything you do, when you started etc.)
  7. Your directors or Members
  8. Goal
  9. Scope of Activities
  10. International relocations
  11. Your unique relocations and services
  12. Quality assurance/ certifications
  13. Your satisfied customers
  14. Membership of International Organisations
  15. Your Insurance cover
  16. Performance Indicators
  17. Bibliography
  18. Confirmation form
  19. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
  20. Guest book
  21. Photo-gallery
  22. User registration form
  23. Specify any other type of form with: contact information, account information, product information, ordering information, personal information, choice of several options, select any of the following options, would you like etc., date, time, rating of opinion, how much or how many, enter ___ in the space below, what do you think of � 


  1. What should appear on Top of each page: your company�s Logo, Page title, Links to your main web pages.
  2. What should appear at the bottom of each page: Links to your main web pages, Email address of your webmaster, Copyright notice, and date page was last modified.


  1. What is the full name of your company?
  2. What is the short version of this name?
  3. What is your company�s street address?
  4. What is your company�s Telephone Number?
  5. What is your company�s Fax Number?
  6. What is the email address of your webmaster?
  7. What is the email address for general info?


  1. Do you want an additional Customer Support sub-web?
  2. Do you want a Discussion sub-web?
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