Guidelines for the Issuance of ISSN/ ISBN

To Authors & Publishers:-



  1. Application for ISBN must be submitted on the letter head of an institution, publisher, author, or registered company stating the category of ISBN required (e.g. single block of block of 10, or block of 100 or block of 1000)
  2. The application must be submitted with:
    1. Photocopy of the Company�s Certificate of Registration from Corporate Affairs Commission.
    2. Visual proof of the publication, i.e. the application, i.e. the application must produce the typeset copy of the manuscript or manuscripts.

This is mandatory for first time authors and first time publishers.

    1. Evidence of full utilization of any ISBN earlier issued (where applicable) as well as evidence of appropriate Legal Deposit made as it affects the applicant.


The issuance for ISBN is graduated from single to a block of 10, 100 and then 1000. For example new applicants are entitled to a single block and quality for a block of ten or more only after using the single block thrice.

Cost:   N10,000___________________________________________________________________________________



1.      Application for ISSN must be submitted on the letterhead of an institution, publisher author or registered company along with three (3) copies of the maiden edition i.e. Vol. 1 of the serial publication.

2.      The frequency of the serial must be clearly stated as well as the name and address of the publishers. This should include not only P.O. Box but also the actual location of the company or institution.

3.      The application must be submitted with the photocopy of the organistion�s Certificate of Registration, where applicable, from Corporate Affairs Commission.

To ease the problems encountered in obtaining the ISSN/ ISBN numbers, the system has been decentralized to branches.

Cost:   N5,000____________________________________________________________________________________



National Library Decree 1970; deposit copies of any title published, at their own expense and within one month of such publication to the National Library of Nigeria:

           Private Publishers:                                                       -           3 copies

           State Governments/ Agencies/ Institutions:                    -           10 copies

           Federal Governments/ Agencies/ Institutions:                 -           25 copies        



Defaulters are to be sanctioned as prescribed in the National Library Act 1970.            

National Library of Nigeria