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Introduction������������������������������������������������������� i

Chapter 1

Using your Website Control Panel���������������� 1

About the �Control� Panel������������������������������ 1

Editing your Website��������������������������������������� 2

Going through your site���������������������������������� 2

How To prepare a web page for upload������ 3

How To upload via ftp������������������������������������� 3

How To Change your site������������������������������� 3

How To Save Time on the Internet��������������� 4

How To Make an Instant change����������������� 4

More Website Tips������������������������������������������� 4


Several Keys to your Website Professional Manual

Your links on your website and your personal control.


icon key

1 Control Panel

! Editing your website

:  Going through your site

& Website review

o view your website, go to the internet and type the website address given to you by your webmaster. This website address is your address suggested in the proposal and bill of quantities; accepted by you.

The control panel is where you see data sent to you from your website form and where you can create emails for others in your company etc.. You can edit the database or select a shopping-cart or add you website to search engines and much more, the details of the kind of hosting you have will be sent to you via email. Please see your email with SUBJECT: Host Control Panel, after receiving this manual.

Using your Website Control Panel

Your control panel has its own website link. This link has been sent to your email address; this internet address uses a password and a user name. All of these are in the email sent to you. Please attach the email to the manual as you will find the email important when ever you have to use the services of the control panel and website.


About the �Control� Panel

The �Control� Panel is where your website is also hosted. This control panel is on your host site, your alteration of this service is delicate, and you should follow what your host�s configuration is set to. Any alteration of this should be on only those files you uploaded into the site.

Any alteration and disorganization of the main files or folders that are not replaced as they are will require reconfiguration by the host.


Editing your website

Using the Website the website is an advertisement and detailed information on requirements and needs of your customers etc.

You can edit your website in html or with a webpage editor. The webpage editor used to design your site is also included in the email sent to you. Only a professional webmaster should edit the site because the data relayed on the international network if badly placed will be scrambled and will not display properly.


        Editing with html is online and is on the control panel�s file manager.

        Using a webpage editor, the website page is designed online or offline. Designing the webpage online is by you opening your website with its website address, by typing it in open site in FrontPage.

Going through your site

Go to the internet by connecting to the internet and then to internet explorer. On the address bar of your internet explorer type in www. the address .the prefix; or press Alt. D on your key board to move to the address bar, type only the website address, then Ctrl Enter (which inserts http://www. .com on either side of your address) to move into the internet.


World Wide Web (www) is the internet data put in or viewed.

Figure 21.1 International network (Internet) is the connection of systems all over the world that are linked to themselves via connections.

Your website, this has been developed to the way you want. The pages have been styled to your required needs and interests, and the information inserted in the first page especially, should be updated daily or weekly or monthly, to keep your website alive; a website that is alive changes regularly so, people who come to the site see differences as they go through the site daily, this brings them back. Those were the changes that made the internet active in the first place.


Updating your site, the webmaster updates your site via a webpage editor or transfer of data from your webpage editor to the control panel�s html.

The first page is the page that opens once the address of your website is typed.

Updating the page: the page you want to update is selected edited online and saved or offline and published. The graphics and text are edited and the changes are made by publishing to your web-address on the World Wide Web.

All changes in your company that you want your customers and the public to know are the changes you put up on the home page (first page).

How to prepare a page for upload

Type in FrontPage like you do in word the way you want and underline the links you want a link to noting where you want the pages to be linked to. The webmaster will then add links by converting those underlined text to hyperlinks. These hyperlinks link the pages that are to open when clicked. These edited pages will be put-up by the webmaster.


File Transfer Protocol (ftp) is used to upload large files, while emails are used to send small messages across the internet. Large files can be uploaded via ftp from your system to your host site and retrieved on the other side of the internet�s World Wide Web via ftp; the address you send across is used to open the file.

How to upload via ftp (File Transfer Protocol)

Type in ftp://ftp. your address .com or the prefixyou chose either .biz, .net etc. your control panel�s instructions will let you know on how to use your ftp. Your Username and Password will be asked for before you can log in to use the ftp Upload. This ftp link can be placed on your site for easy use.

The ftp site opens as a folder with icons of files in the folder; or the uploaded files are placed like icons in a folder. Some hosts do not give you a capacity to upload so much through the control panel but, you can upload as much as possible from folder to folder.

How to Change your site

Compare your proposal pages and the instruction from the email.

You can change your site by having the webmaster redesign the website or having the website architect develop a new template.

Your webmaster, redesigning the site has to alter only the information within the page and not the shared borders unless he knows what to do. The information on the main page is the information you want the public to see/ view and understand/ know about you.

1.    Advice, we advice that only a trained professional in website designing (and redesigning) should touch the website�s configuration or alter the site.

2.    We guide or train, your webmaster or your intended webmaster can be guided by us to prevent errors. There is a fee for redesigning and rearranging.

How To Save Time on the Internet

Publish Changed pages only. Create favorites to your email and webpage of interest. For the Control Panel, copy the html in code view on your webpage editor and paste it in note pad, copy the text from not pad and paste in on the file in the control panel�s html page that has no shared borders.

To link a page, save the page as a favorite.

1.    Some control panels do not allow html editing.

2.    Some control panels allow editing in design view.

How to Make an Instant Change

Open the website with your FrontPage website editor, with Open Site in File menu. Type-in the website address and the page opens asking you for the username and password.

Make the changes then save it to the host site. The changes will be on the internet.

More Website Tips


Tips on using your website:



1.    Press both Alt D key on your keyboard to highlight your Address Bar a shown below:

The address bar is ready for you to type-in your address.

2.    Press Ctrl Enter on the keyboard to insert the http://www. ... .comas shown below:

3.    For all your problems contact us at info@existence-ok.com or webmaster@existence-ok.com

4.    Click on the Highlighted hyperlink showing ���the Hand with a pointed finger to go through your website:

pointed finger

5.    When you open a page on your Browser, allow the Busy Icon to change to your usual arrow sign before browsing.

Busy Icon

6.    Go through your control panel�s guide for more details. Welcome to the internet with dignity, those who use emails that are free are feared to be 419 and are not trusted because they can loose that email and address. But, those with their own email@ their website are respected regarded and trusted.

7.    For any web problem send email to webmaster@existence-ok.com or call mobile: 234 (0)805 732 6941 orphone: 234 (0)9 273 1713 or fax: 234 (0)9 4133116


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Alteration 1

���� Alt D 2, 4


Control 1

Control Panel1,2,3,4

Configuration 1, 4

Ctrl Enter 2, 5


Database 1

Diagram 1


email 1, 3, 5


FrontPage 2, 3

First page 3

ftp 3


host 1, 3, 4

html 2

hyperlink 3


Internet Address 1

International Network2

Internet Explorer 2


Open Site 2


Publish 3, 4

Password 4

Personal Control 1


Reconfiguration 1


Shopping Cart 1

Search Engine 1

Service 1

Scramble 2


Username 4

Update 2


Website 1, 4, 5

Webmaster 1, 2, 3

Webpage Editor 2, 4

Website Address2,3,4

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