A.               PERSONAL DATA:

RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:                 �The Garden�, Ijaja Estate, Okuku,

                                                              Yala Local Government Area,

                                                              Cross River State.

OFFICE ADDRESS:                            Plot 30, Cairo Street, Wuse 11,

                                                                  P. O. Box 12781, Abuja.

TELEPHONE:                                     09-4133116

GSM:                                                    0803 3139698


DATE OF BIRTH:                               30th December, 1936

PLACE OF BIRTH:                             Ugaga Town, Yala Local Government Area, Cross River State.

NATIONALITY:                                  Nigerian

RELIGION:                                          Roman Catholic Christian

Knight of St. Mulumba � 1978 to present.


B.                EDUCATION:

1.     PRIMARY:

(a)  Christ The King School, Okpoma, Yala                                   1944-47, 1949

(b)  St. Theresa�s School, Ogboja, Ogoja                                       1948

(c)  St. Benedict�s School, Ogoja                                                   1950-1951



(a)  Preliminary Teacher�s College (PTC) Obudu,                          1952

(b)  Mary Knoll Secondary School, Okuku, Yala,                           1953-57

(c)  St. Patrick�s Higher School, Ikot Ansa, Calabar,                      1958-59


3.     TERTIARY:

(a)  National University of Ireland at University College, Dublin,   1960-1966

(b)  Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London,   1971-1973                        


                  4.    QUALIFICATIONS:

1.     M.B;B.CH;B.A.O. (National University of Ireland)                    1966

2.     D.OBST.R.C.O.G., LONDON                                                   1968

3.     M.R.C.O.G; LONDON                                                              1973

4.     Fellow, West African College of Surgeons (FWACS)                 1981.

5.     Fellow, National Post-graduate Medical College of Nigeria (F.M.C.O.G.) 1982

6.     Fellow, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (F.R.C.O.G) 1987

7.     Fellow, International College of Surgeons (F.I.C.S.) 1991


Primary School:

1. Long Distance Runner 880                                                         1948-1951

2. Class Monitor                                                                            1950-1951

2. Member/Secretary Boys Scout                                                   1950-1951


Secondary School:

1.  Senior School Prefect II                                                            1953-1957

2.  Dormitory Prefect                                                                     1953-1957

3.  School Librarian                                                                       1953-1957

4.     First Eleven Dormitory Footballer                                            1953-1957

5.     President, Dancing Club                                                           1954-1957

6.     Leader, Legion of Mary                                                            1955-1957

7.     Member, Debating Society                                                       1957-1959



1.     Treasurer, Nigeria Union of Great Britain and Ireland,

Irish Branch                                                                             1963-1964

2.  Member, Medical Society, University College, Dublin               1960-1966

3.  Member, British Council, Dublin                                              1961-1966

4.     Treasurer, Junior Hospital Doctors Association,

Essex Country Hospital, Colchester, ENGLAND                      1966-1967

5.     Patron of Many Organizations, Societies, Clubs.



Member of:

1.      Irish Medical Council

2.     British Medical Council

3.     Nigerian Medical Council

4.     Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Nigeria

5.     Nigerian Medical Association

6.     Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London

7.     International Federation of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians  


E.                WORKING EXPERIENCE:

1.     National Health Service Hospitals, Great Britain             1966-1969; 1971-1973

i.                   Essex County Hospital, Colchester, Essex      Jul. 1966 - Jan. 1967

ii.                 St. Mary�s Hospital, Isle of Wight                  Feb. 1967 � Jul. 1967

iii.              Greenbank Maternity Hospital, Darlington     Sept. 1967 � Aug. 1968

iv.               General Hospital, Newcastle � on � Tyme                 1968 � 1969

v.                 Hospital for Women, Leeds, England                        1972

vi.               The Infirmary, Bradford, England                             1973

Other Hospitals in Oldham and Chesterfield, England.

vii.            Maternity Hospital, Waterford, Republic of Ireland. 1971

2.     Medical Superintendent, Joint Hospital, Ikom, CRS                  1969-1971

3.     Consultant Gynaecologist in-charge, R.C.M. Hospital, Ogoja     1973-1978                                                                                                    



i.                   Proprietor and Medical Director, Offoboche Specialist

       Hospital and Maternity Home, (64 beds) Okuku, Yala 1983- Present.

ii.                 Chairman, Boch Limited                                   1983 � Present

iii.              Chairman, Ikpala Estates Limited                       1983- Present

iv.               Member, Calabar Chamber of Commerce.

v.                 Promoter/Chairman, Yala Committee Bank Limited

vi.               Chairman, Ikpala Estates Hotels, 59/61, Mission Road,

Igoli, Ogoja.

vii.            Proprietor, MD/CEO: �The Central Clinic�, Cairo Street, Wuse II, Abuja.








1.     Director. Federal Housing Authority, Lagos                    1976-1979

2.     Member, State and National Executive Committees,

National Party of Nigeria                                                1978-1983

3.     Deputy Governor, Old Cross River State                           1st October,1979-30th

                                                                                                 to  September, 1983

                   SPECIFIC DUTIES INCLUDED:

                   i.   Deputy Chairman, State Executive Council                           1979-1983

                   ii.  Occasional Chairman, State Executive Council                     1979-1983

                   iii.  Chairman, Cabinet Subcommittees                                     1979-1983

                   iv.  Chairman, Targets Committee                                            1979-1983

                   v.  Responsibility for Chieftaincy Matters                                 1979-1982

                   vi.  Supervision of State Government Parastatals                       1979-1983

                   vii.  Supervision of Ministries of Health and Education             1980-1983

                   viii.  Commissioner for Local Government                                1982-1983 

4.     Member, Defunct NRC and UNCP;

5.     Member, PDP.

6.     Member, Elders Committee, Cross River State.

7.     President, South-South Coalition in which capacity I led a delegation to support the President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR at the height of the impeachment move in 2003.

8.     Member, South-South Peoples Assembly

9.     Cross River State Delegate to the 2005 National Political Reform Conference.



1.     Author of Book titled:  �Eradicating Malaria by the Use of DDT,

�The Politics of Malaria Control� published - August, 2004.

2.     Occasion:  NEPAD Business Group International Business Forum. Date: 27th-29th January, 2005. Discussed use of DDT in Malaria Control with Mr. President at the interactive session.

3.     Occasion:  The National Association of Resident Doctors: Annual Scientific Conference. Presented a Paper title: Eradicating Malaria by the use of DDT. Date: September 2004.

4.     Occasion:  NAPEP Meeting with Jeffery Sacks, Adviser to Koffi Anan, Secretary General of the United Nations.  Date: 13/7/05

5.     Occasion:  Integrated Vector Management Meeting at Obudu Ranch Hotel. Date 20th �21st July, 2005.



1.     Anaemias Associated with Intestinal Disease.

2.     Culdoscopy in the Investigation of Infertility.

3.     Prevention of Prolonged Labour.

4.     The Problem of Underdevelopment: The Ogoja Case.

5.     Affordable System of Health Care for our people.

6.     Medical Practice in Nigeria Today, to the Graduating Doctors at the University of Calabar.

7.     Health Care and Poverty Eradication in Cross River State with the sub theme: �Roll Back Malaria in Cross River State�.

8.     Eradicating Malaria by the Use of DDT: The Politics of Malaria Control at NEPAD Business Group International Business Forum




                  1.         Awards:

i.                   Merit Award from Cross River State Government   

ii.                 �Flag of Honour� awarded by Cross River State Medical Association

iii.              Distinguished Medical Practitioner Award by the Guild of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria

2.       Several Chieftaincy Titles in Cross River and Akwa Ibom State eg.

i.          �Ntui Ochima Biji� of Ikom;

ii.                 �Obong Uforo� of Ikono, Akwa Ibom State

iii.        �Idachi� of Oba, Okpoma, Yala

3.           Patron, Many Clubs and Organizations.

4.           Listed in:

 i.         Africa Who�s Who and Newswatch Who�s Who

ii.         Dictionary of International Biography



Conferred with National Honour of OON, 2002



United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Germany, France,

Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Holland, India, Hong Kong, China.



ii.                 Hunting Small Game  

iii.                Reading  

iv.                Travelling