Biographical Documentary


High-Chief Offoboche, Yegwa, Ikpala, Ogar, Odey

The authors of this biography are the grand and great-grand children to Offoboche whose father was Yegwa, Yegwa's father was Ikpala, Ikpala's father was Ogar and Ogar's father was Odey. Odey is the father of Yala who left Idoma out of anger for the killing of his treasured dog that always helped in hunting. Odey was known to travel for game in the outlining savannah of larger Benue-plateau enclave, which is represented in modern day as the middle belt. Odey was the one who received the Portuguese of Spain when they first came inland. Odey named Ogboja, which is now Ogoja.

Igede being the eldest to Odey who were step brothers, migrated with Odey being not in support of Odey's elder male sibling, Ogar's, action in killing the dog. On settling down in Oba, Odey invited Ede who is now Igede or Iga of Ede, similarly Iga of Ala now Igala are from the same father. So briefly, Idoma is related to Jukun who is senior and Idoma is senior to Langtan and Zango Kataf who migrated through lake Chad - in lake Chad Songhai and Ashanti left as the eldest brothers.

Ogar the son of Odey settled in Oba in Okpoma, now Yala Local Government Area Headquarters because of the salt. Ogar created the technology to save the salt pond during heavy mud flow occasioned by heavy tropical rains; he brought the process of boiling the salt to form larger crystals. The system employed more than three hundred men and women who learnt the technique.

In Africa when you get of age you leave your parents and establish your own, Ikpala built Ebo who are great yam farmers. Ikpala it was who introduced a new process of adding vegetable on the heaps for symbiosis a secret for growing big yams, good ground-nuts and melon-seeds. Yegwa established Ugaga's traditional healings to the highest level. From Odey to Yegwa were absolute Kings.

Ohiamene aka Offoboche being the last of Yegwa's children was named after Yegwa, nicknamed Ow'hoboche-che (for he tore-off a man's arm out of his body when both were engaged in a duel) the colonial masters mis-pronounced and mis-spelled the name and documented it as Offoboche in his military records. Offoboche was one of the first soldiers in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Later, when the world wars came he was chief cook to one of the main people. It was in Offoboche's time that the colonial territories were drawn and the first ones were warned of the guardian snake (Adamoche) that kills those who go to the Salt-Lake without necessary spiritual cleansing will be swallowed by the mysterious snake. The British refuse to believe and left at night for the Salt-Lake, they never returned. The British Government sent a team who came and raised a Scottish stone-statue of Victory in the North in honour of their compatriot who merged the territories (in fear of the curse) of the Salt Lake, in Oju, now Oju Local Government Area of Benue State. From Oba to near Oju is Offoboche's Land for Industry. As stated above Oju is (Iga or fence) of Ede.

The long life of  family members allows time for History to be passed down from one generation to another. The history of the earth is in our memory thus:

Daniel's story of four beasts is accurate: the first Kingdom is Africa (Rotational Kings), the second is India (Descendant Kings), the third is China (Inheritance Kings) and the fourth are whites (Democratic President). Every human came out of where we migrated from, the lake Chad region - seven million and two hundred thousand years ago, as humanoids settled and began thinking. The Spirit began stirring the Soul and awakened the body. Linguist know this because of language roots. South African region and Central African region came out of south east Nigeria, East African region and Central African region came out of north east central Nigeria, North African's left earlier straight from the Lake Chad region without resettling, and West African region left from west Nigeria and North Africa. Some came back from where they migrated to in the Central, East, West or North of Africa to areas where they believe is near their roots like the Tiv, Benin, Bakor, Ibo etc. almost all tribes in Nigeria did this. The migration from North Africa and East Africa formed the rest of the world, the slave ships of West Africa moved people from the West of Africa without their will; this is the true world story. Adam and Eve from India produced Israel (the Arabs came later) and the whites only - Israel being genuine. Others were here before them.

Professors Oko Offoboche & Brown Oga Offoboche