Boat Rally

To book for Boat Rally in the Cross Rivers, Benue and Kogi States of Nigeria: Click on Contact us and email your intentions to us.

These waters are chosen for their safety and multi-ethnic diversity.

Nigeria is the most multi-ethnic with cultural diversity and fading artisan skills.

They are languages that are spoken; that are reversed or inside-out in these areas.

Tourism in Nigeria will be appreciated via rail, water ways and balloons.

For Participation and Sponsorship, email us; note: response may be within a month.

Mysterious waters exists in Awgu, Enugu State etc.

Motor Cycle ridding as transportation began with Odey & Oloko my cousins climbing soldiers motor cycles and paying them for it in 1982. That was the first payment instead of free help.

Motor cycle business became in vogue when Oko's immediate junior brother, Ariku, chattered a soldier for 3 months in 1985. Both of used it from the first day.

Apa is old Jukun Empire that extends wider than the proposed state. Ogoja is Ogboja which is producer in Yala. Present Yala is Yala-achi or Yala in the bush and Yala-wole or Yala at home is Idoma. History called all Igala which Yala was spelt Iyala. Yala is the name Idoma called.

In creating a state, immediate popular decision should be allowed with an agreed decision on referendum on changes to be made after getting the state.