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A map (Gwarimpa, Abuja)Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (ESRI)
ArcViewArcView Desktop GIS: What is ArcView GIS and what does it do?
ArcView Desktop GIS is a tool for managing mapping information of all kinds according to where the object/s is/are located, and with ArcView GIS you can keep track of where to site your businesses, manage any sensitive wildlife habitats, optimize all delivery routes and track the spread of infectious disease.

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Who needs maps?

 You are flying on a business trip. Your business partner sitting next to you has never been to your office, and you want to tell him how to get to the office. How far will he get to turn left on a Major Street and go two Blocks then turn right, before your partner looks lost? You may draw a map or a diagram of some sort to the place - it represents where objects are in your city in relation to each other.

The drive to know where we are is universal. The ancient world all drew maps to find their location or the location they were going to; some used stars or the zodiac etc.

What so ever the maps are made from, wherever the maps were made, maps of the past could only be made by skilled cartographers and they were static.

The mapping system that runs on the desktop of computers gives everyone the ability to make maps, and the maps that they make can be changed over and over again.

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