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Christ said Holy Spirit does not forgive: that is because, Holy Spirit keeps to the Judgment you did on earth, so it is only you that change from sin to forgive yourself by God & Christ; so even if Holy Spirit say sorry your sin remains for you.
Christ said He will go and come again; yet most do not want to see that it is written that Christ died and rose again from the dead and went to the Father before coming to spend 40 days with His followers. Christ has gone and come again; it is mankind that want Him to do as they want that He would not do. Just as a son can not be his father but is related to his father carnally other than doing what his parents do with each other with his parent, is how voice from mouth is not head but from head.
The Catholic Church was started by Christ, so it is sin against the Holy Spirit to condemn the Catholic Church because of errors of leaders of the church that were corrupted; instead, stay and correct the error, rather than divide the house of Christ: Mark 3. The newer religions should not forget history that the church was stolen by the evil ones before it was taken back and restored, yet there is room for perfection.

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Internet Voting




Internet Automated Fingerprint Identity System for e voting


Web Voting

iVoting, is using the Internet to vote via the web through any device.

Advantages, Disadvantages & Comparison


1.       Voting is done from all over the federation where there is GSM or Internet.

2.       GSM internet allows voters to vote from their Cell phone or from laptop.

3.       The available laptops were earlier provided for the temporal voters cards.

4.       Voters results can not be altered as it goes via the internet to the servers in INEC.

5.       Stealing of ballot boxes will be a thing of the past.

6.       We will be the first to practice it globally; the world will learn from us.

7.       Voting is via finger print scanner and submission of choices made.

8.       The list of choices will be made available for voters.

9.       The cost of printing voters� materials will be greatly reduced as this does not involve frequent printing but, data change as the election season comes and goes.

10.   The data is easily accessed from any internet location or GSM.

11.   Cheating is greatly reduced if the voters are educated on recognizing their choices.

12.   The results are readily available as the election goes on.

13.   The candidates are sure of zero cheating.

14.   eVoting without internet is risky because it allows data to be changed before it arrives INEC.



1.       Availability of Internet and GSM points all over the nation.

2.       Voters inexperience with the internet, either on the GSM or Laptop.

3.       Deceiving voters to choose a choice not of theirs due to lack of inexperience.

4.       Altering results at INEC�s database.

5.       Availability of ready voting machines for subsequent use.

6.       Distribution of machines and trained man power.

7.       Hacking of on monitored data.


1.       Internet Web eVoting has lower risks, lower expenditure and less violence, the reverse is for the ballot box or eVoting.

2.       Ballot box and eVoting materials can be carted away and altered but, Internet voting materials are not available physically for such.

3.       This is the safest and surest way to a smooth election.

Learn it, Try it or Purchase it.

MIAFISWEV, is Mobile Internet Automated Fingerprint Identity System Website Electronic Voting: this is voting via the web on the internet through any kind of device, mobile or fixed.

eVoting, is electronic voting: voting via machine with party data that result is transported via vehicle before it is downloaded manually into a database then the results are added.

The fingerprint scanner scans the voter as the voter registers and the picture is taken, the stored data is sent automatically via the internet to the servers in the Local Government Areas, States and Federal Government Head Quarters.

The same data can be used to verify voters. Image Quality Control (IQC) is image data verification that is the number of dots or pixels in an image.

As the voters votes, the fingerprint is sent to the electoral houses and media houses who automatically announce the results.

We are the inventors of this system and the very best in this internet system that sends the voting data via GSM internet so the coverage is complete with backups of Inverters, and generators in only head quarters; if the inverters power fails they are charged by the generators.

Internet Penetration for Nigeria was set at 13% for 2006.


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