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Conception & Creativity


Christ said Holy Spirit does not forgive: that is because, Holy Spirit keeps to the Judgment you did on earth, so it is only you that change from sin to forgive yourself by God & Christ; so even if Holy Spirit say sorry your sin remains for you.
Christ said He will go and come again; yet most do not want to see that it is written that Christ died and rose again from the dead and went to the Father before coming to spend 40 days with His followers. Christ has gone and come again; it is mankind that want Him to do as they want that He would not do. Just as a son can not be his father but is related to his father carnally other than doing what his parents do with each other with his parent, is how voice from mouth is not head but from head.
The Catholic Church was started by Christ, so it is sin against the Holy Spirit to condemn the Catholic Church because of errors of leaders of the church that were corrupted; instead, stay and correct the error, rather than divide the house of Christ: Mark 3. The newer religions should not forget history that the church was stolen by the evil ones before it was taken back and restored, yet there is room for perfection.

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What is in existence-ok?

In the Garden of Eden there was one bad tree amongst many good trees,

existence-ok is  amongst few good trees and many bad trees on the internet.


Who really is an Illiterate?

v An illiterate is an uneducated person who can not read or write.

v An illiterate in information technology is a person who can not use the keyboard or mouse and is uneducated with applications.

v An illiterate in the ways of the spirit is a person whose spirit is not awakened and can not commune or act in spirit and soul.

Who is not an Illiterate?

  A literate person has knowledge of the above and the future; knowing past, present and future - because of the skill of all things around the person (i.e. understanding of the body [matter]), the knowledge of the soul (emotions etc.) and spirit (life force etc.) etc.

Prof. Oko Offoboche, Metaphysics & Info. Systems

No Tamiflu or Vaccine to prevent H1 N1 Virus in Nigerian Hospitals or Pharmacies.
The problem with Nigeria and Africa is Leadership.
The Global problem and Africa: Supernatural.
The Nigerian Problem is Market.
The Leadership Problem.
The Masses; Lost in lust!
Democratic Change.
Human Rights.
The Person.
The Sin.
The Being.
The Urge of the Being.
Inside the Being of Woman (Description)
Inside the Being of Woman (Role)

Inside the Being of Woman (Task)

Inside the Being of Woman (Purpose)
Royal Niger Company
The ribs of man & woman
Woman�s Job
Politics of Woman
Meek and Opposition
Strong and Weak
Sin and Righteousness
Child Character from Mother

Investigate this please: - Is it real?

No Tamiflu or Vaccine to prevent H1 N1 Virus in Nigerian Hospitals or Pharmacies. Is it Genocide for Corruption?

What is the basis of Corruption?

Depravity is the use of deprivation to control. Royal Niger Company was the cradle of colonialism; a treaty by some Hausa leaders with the British. Slavery was done really on those of the south coast and not on the bringers of foreign merchants for cash crops that opened the market root of Cana, they only gave those of ill-attitude to bondage. A process by the blond-haired King Ramses that succeeded the childless dark-haired King Haremhab.

Mummified Remains of Ramses II

Egyptian king Ramses II died in 1224 bc at the age of 90. One of the longest-lived and longest-ruling of the Egyptian pharaohs, he is rumored to have sired more than 100 children and had at least that many wives and concubines. In fact, Ramses ruled so long that he outlived many of his children; his heir and successor, Merenptah, was his 13th son and was more than 60 years old when he assumed the throne. Ramses�s mummified body was buried in an elaborate tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Richard T. Nowitz/Corbis

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.




         Study the hair that keeps growing two weeks or more after death. Pharaohs� hair was shaved.


         This is not insulting the dead but reviling the truth.


         This is not an insult on any group of persons but helping Nigerians find their ability to complain for their rights.


Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2009.


What is in Africa?

The Nigeria regime was not voted for by Nigerians and it�s nonchalance over the Swine-flu prevention, not insisting on health institutions to buy the drug to stop the spread when the Hajj and Harmattan comes, shows its insouciance, as their office-postings have proven; the government�s job is to create conditions and environments for international markets, linking us to the world � governments the world over are doing this. Nigeria is the largest pool of tribes on earth; the majority in Nigeria finds out who is winning by asking the minorities of the largest collection of languages. Every part of these cultures have their own character, we are all distinct, we are not like the rest of the world where they are similarities in behavior and that causes the confusion of the light-skinned of the occident and orient to believe that when they see someone from a place they think the rest are the same. People here are aware of this and know each tribe has its name-for-its-way; we are the only people on earth known by linguists that speak the same language as it is � or from back to front � or from centre to either side. Nigeria is tied by control; the Ibo�s settle Kano�s market, the Hausa�s decide Lagos Market and the Yoruba�s resolve Abuja�s Market. The contest is the majorities trying to control what the Middle-Belt and Niger-Delta control; both Niger-Delta and Middle-Belt run each other, but their main markets have always been determined by the Hausa, retailed by the Ibo�s and transported by the Yoruba�s. For this reason the country was amalgamated in 1914 and that is why it was impossible for the country to break-up. People may say the Niger Delta has a ministry for the loss of Calabar but, the North and Middle belt has FCT ministry and LAGOS (Lets All Go Over Sea) covers the West.


This new act of allowing deterioration of infrastructure, manipulating international money from being transacted by the present establishment and distorting the system in obfuscated ways from the public and removal of the administrative civil head of the banks to allow the political head to run the banks allows manipulation of the funds, misuse of our financial transactions that has made it impossible for us to send money, we think we�ve paid but they keep it as fixed deposit to make profits for the next election etc.; the figures jump up and down any time you ask for bank statements. Or what is happening? A risk taker or gambler as CBN boss? Tamiflu is known by very few who found out it is in Ministry of Health that is not a dispenser but a dispatcher. It is the government�s job to alert people on any situation and act, like the previous government did on bird-flu and the sign-posts still stand. Governments� all over the world are talking and telling their people through media etc. what H1N1 virus is, the government�s media in Nigeria is not; it spends its time broadcasting a copyright breach - 7 point agenda instead of calling it MDG, you don�t inherit a school certificate. In Nigeria, most state governments are working but, the Federal Government is a disappointment to most Nigerians; you can not understand Nigeria by staying in the best working state (Lagos) but, by visiting Abuja the Federal Capital - that was an example - to see, converse and go-around; only NASS (National Assembly) works, people go to the working road, most people have gone back to the states. People have given-up following National News from the National media because as they say, what they say or show is not on ground.


What will be?

If this is allowed to be eradicated the system of things will miss its way of organizing itself, because it would not have where to see diversity, linking etc. Just as the ceding of Bakasi peninsula is now an explosive problem that should have been taken over by the UN and AU as Headquarters for Africa; Bakasi was the true origin of World Wars, it is in that tension because of its rear resources of varied fish species, one of the origins of ape to human transmitted diseases, rear plants, and now oil; the water-way is the main problem. The origins of rejecting the colonial masters were the last migrants from the north with 7.2 million years settlements of humanoids in the Lake Chad basin, creating over 3.5 million years of milk and honey settlements.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


Nigerians should learn to complain for their rights, we are not in a dictatorship but in a presiding... General Gowon, our former Head of State said on NTA we should complain for better. A demand for your rights is not an abuse on government but, a blessing to the leadership to find a vision to act on. The masses suffer, not the bosses.


Thank you.


African Philosophy: - The Origin!

The problem with Nigeria and Africa is Leadership. Ideology problem!

What is the Ideology problem?

The problem is respect for those who own solid and liquid assets by unknown means. Not ideas. So the drive for wealth by any means, good or bad is not a problem by the fixation of maternal-ship or put the blame on some else for power to rip-off the public or every ones own and paternal-ship goad for riches being absent from charity of the child; a family play, females now are brought up worse than boys. The drive to political unchecked and unaccountable misplacement of figures for what has been done or yet to be done to lavish drops of the collected corruption on loyalists to adore them and press for their continuous stay in the mismanagement of public funds becomes the wish of the stalwarts. This is the corruption of Africa that drives leaders to absolute power by spending public funds on politicians that have the say, the bag or envelope. If a leader does badly in the first term expect the worst in the last term. The under-17 world-cup is an example.

President Barack Obama

First Black USA President. Though USA is a Nation, it is a country with peoples from all over the world.


The blacks being the most humiliated became completely liberated on 20th January 2009 when Obama was sworn into Office.


         3316 years of white dominance of global power between Haremhab and Obama; making decisions that affects all.


         3232 years from Ramses II end to Obama�s beginning; bondage change.


         232 years of white rule of the USA; excess freedom fails Leviticus 18.



         This is not an insult on any group of persons but, help to Nigerians and Africans in finding their ability.


         It is not do as I say or do as I do but, it is do what is right.


Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2009.


What is the masses problem?

Good wealth is good. People say if you can�t beat them join them. But that is not the way of heaven. The way is the path of the prophets which is not joining them but follow the truth. The masses problem is following the wish to be like the corrupt leaders because of the display of wealth, forgetting the repercussions of compensation in the individual judgment at the time of transcending off this earth to where their providence places them. The brains of mankind follow their soul instead of the spirit. The soul - a tool - is from matter and the spirit - of life - is from heaven. The closed path to the spirit can only be unlocked when there is a deep yearning for the truth of being and then you will find the track of balance where human walking occurs in the rear brain without forcing it. Unfortunately some do not believe in God, you can not know your being without him; knowing your being lets you know why you came to earth.


The purpose of your being will let you do what is right and just. People like to control, if they knew they will try to control what is theirs; that is their name and the purpose of control. The mistake of mankind is controlling another�s own. �prayer also teaches us to give what is asked of us and not what is not asked, giving what is asked will be appreciated.


What should be?

Knowing how, what and why we exist gives us a purpose to be innovative and serving through learning becomes the way. We talk of moving forward but there is no fixed plan or purpose only looting plans. Things that can not be feasible because of the methods set on paper. �Auguste Comte�s positive philosophy, or positivism, abandoned speculation about the nature of reality in favor of scientific investigation� that is the problem of mankind�s studies. Every one that has being creative or great - studies the renaissance which is the alchemist way of both. That is, intuitive and investigative. And not dumping one, making savage.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


The occidents never followed the process of investigation alone and the orients never followed intuition alone, they left it for Africans who follow what they are told, because they believe anything from oversea is better; because leaders use international trade to misplace figures to gain, so they make you believe overseas is better by frustrating the local industry. The fact is they should follow us. We are the older race that dumped ourselves for them. Leave something in the fridge it stays same � snow keeps their skin light; put something in an oven it darkens � the sun darkens our skin.


Thank you.


Refer to Encarta 2009: �Auguste Comte�s positive philosophy, or positivism, abandoned speculation about the nature of reality in favor of scientific investigation�


African Philosophy: - The Globe.

The Global problem and Africa: Supernatural.

Why is there a problem?


Africans believe the natural can not coexist without the supernatural. The west have called us superstitious, but that is less than we are, our belief in deity allowed them colonise us in the first place; a knowledge anthropologists are aware of. Their disease of not believing in a unified existence of both has allowed nature to deal with them as climate change, their unified solution to problems solves drought, our unified solution to problems causes� drought. It may look silly looking from the point of science alone but it becomes wisdom looking from both sides; Solomon�s act of dividing the child looked stupid at first but it became wisdom in the end, though he died an idol worshiper or fool, because of pleasure. Those who don�t believe in God are fools, especially at the end of their time.


It is a pity that the rulership of the present regime has destroyed the trust of Nigerians on the majority of the north; just as the majorities of the east is over the Biafra, theirs exposed over reaping off the rest of the country without ploughing where they took from. Just as Awolowo was blamed for Biafra�s fall, Obasanjo is blamed for Yaradua�s error.



There are 13 lunar months or cycles that make a year.


Ophiuchus is not added in the Zodiac because it is behind Scorpio and Sagittarius and in the centre of 13,000 years cycle of change, the next is 2012.



Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2009.

ZODIAC (13 Zones)















What is the global problem?

People live for their body instead of living for their spirit. The spirit owns the body but, the body does not own the spirit, the body seems to work the soul that came from matter and the body is matter. The darkness or divine computer, the matrix of things that is invisible to the body that is a substance of it - controls the way of mankind through the soul. The developed man or true human being, not human of soul and body, but human being with spirit and connection to the 13 rooms or firmaments from God to the depth are the ones that can perceive things as they are and are the true purpose of creation and are the truth Christ taught. Memory was not made to impress but, to keep information learnt to arouse the subconscious of the hearth which is the back brain to the solar plexus � spirit abode. The spirit absorbs information the only thing carried out of earth at the time of transcending.


Through the spirit all knowledge comes into fruition here in matter when the body lives for the spirit as information is absorbed, information pouring back to the front brain gives that individual a discerning mind. The centre of black-holes and white-holes unifies good and evil, the cores of spirit and so on should be same. Black-holes and white holes exists on every object and place of the Universe, it is a path way between spaces. The earth has it, the sun has it. The galaxies own, astrophysicists know because it is pronounced; astrophysicists should walk with metaphysicists.


What is?


Wealth should be after knowing who you are, your being. The sin of man is living for his body and not living for his spirit. The subordinate should not dictate to the master. The soul and body should not use the spirit as a battery to survive that is the truth of mankind�s sin. The sin of man spoken by all never explains what the real sin is. They talk of fruit which means coitus. In this, the married couples were not ready for intercourse because they were in their teenage stage and had not ripened to know their spirit which is after teen age; via adultery with Satan, Eve was altered or switched subconsciously into the sin and spread it to Adam. The souls dwelling is the heart. After teenage you know your spirit then wealth can be yours.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


It is tree of life before tree of good and evil. A child growing experiences matter through the body then puberty leading to teenage emotions of soul that should have another opening after - like puberty leading to spirit age. �And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.� That was the problem that made them treat other races in a racist way; His descendants worry about solving problems, and disturb others; inherited: their own path was not closed but linked to their father. Those of Adam lost their power and are a burden or tool to those of power; an inherited problem.



No chief says I�m not supposed to be chief and sits on the seat, the leadership should allow an honest election either with serial ballot papers - numbers mixed when supplied for voting or they use website internet voting to stop transportation of the ballot boxes that causes waylaying; the body of the electorate should be really independent, the leader has to allow what he asked the former chief judge to do - to be. Nigerians should learn to be detailed and thorough in what so ever they do, that is no mistakes or lack of concern for things they do; that is our global problem. An inventor never puts all on paper � you have to be in the field to know.


Thank you.


Investigate this please: - This is real.

The Nigerian Problem is Market. It is Corrupt on top!

Where is the market of Corruption?

Politicians as Nigerians are aware are the corrupt, though very few are honest. The banks that run the markets are not functional when it comes to trading or transacting with foreign investors, you can not send money out of the country without a public account � you can only receive because of the politicians who launder money through money transfers and so on; domiciliary accounts that are the only real methods of personal transfer are now being altered in their card services in some banks, how many more disruptions will Nigerians of more than one hundred and fifty million go through because of politicians in this country that are less than ten thousand controlling about a hundred and fifty thousand forces. The global insult on them as corrupt is not even enough to deter them off this corrupt act of manipulation and abuse of power, the industries are not functional, all national companies are dormant the steel companies do not function; this would have made it easy for Nigerians to fix any company of their choice or order the parts that will keep their industries running. Electric power promises are hoaxes; if the government were serious they should have used the Under17 World cup to market themselves and Nigeria by advertising it, or use advertising agencies globally to market the country in which they�ll gain and the country will gain. Global spending is not for a country alone, but the country of choice and the country or countries of action are the beneficiaries�.


The Nigerian Market


         NIS, NAFDAC etc. are no longer working: the degradation of commodities is dormant in the market in categories of cheap for the poor and original for the rich.


         What dominate the markets are fakes. The carbon monoxide in Nigerian Tobacco is a killer with NIS logo on it for standard.


         Things that were cheap have risen about 500%; orange...


         The welcome for the under 17 a global event bringing in foreigners from all over the globe who will definitely not stay in the national stadia: were bush, how will Nigeria ever be allowed to host a bigger event?



Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2009.


What is in Nigerians?

Nigerians like the rest of the world are materialistic in thinking and not spiritual in thinking. Material thinking is thinking from the senses to the emotions or body to soul in vice versa, spiritual thinking embraces material thinking and the spirit�s own area of thinking which is wider; this should be a shocker to many who think they must loose the emotions for ever. Not true, you master and control it, not the reverse; God is not like mankind�s thinking, you will get close to seeing the difference when you think spiritual; I explained how to get there in three of my earlier articles. Just as adults look down on kids now, you�ll see materialists are below your thinking. The materialistic thinking now in Africa is greatly from the dependence on the colonial masters (children of Cain) that the politicians have come to place on the belief of Nigerians that anything without them is nothing, a method to allow looting. We were not like that, the only good thing that came from the colonial masters in bulk was religion, the truth is that we are so good at importing that we should have brought it in even without their intervention, but for political reasons they brought them in to merge the lands under one authority for control. That control is what should be revisited by the colonial masters or politicians to remove, if they really want to help Africa. That is the famine problem in east Africa and the rest, that is what stops development and that is the politician�s investment. The whites are the actual majority as a race in the world.


How will we succeed?

Since we are so good at not being able to solve anything without a mediator we better bring the colonial masters to revisit their decision to merge the lands under the leader of the country because of their own use for authority which they should have removed before handing power, but not to create the Bakasi peninsula situation of sending copied maps instead of the chiefs by the state executive at the time. Because this is the explosive situation where mineral resources in the Niger Delta and Middle Belt are national but mineral resources in the North are for a few pockets. The distraction to the Niger Delta who determine their rights as educing exposes one, allows their mass exploitation of Northern resources. Excuses are the problems with most Nigerians trying to cover-up for another because of tribe etc.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


It is good to tell the true situation because it helps solves the problem. It is a pity that the trust on the majority in the North has weakened because of what people see now. People only get stronger together to survive seeing the ostrich or rodent (grass-cutter) style of hiding by these leaders, who use religion etc. The course of Nationalism in Nigerian Universities on Anthropology of the colonial masters allowed them put out the truth of the matter in Encarta, the Internet etc.


Thank you.




Investigate this please: - This is real.

The Leadership Problem. Corrupt on top!

Where is the Corruption?

Politicians as Nigerians are aware are the corrupt, though very few are honest. Those around the leader and the leader are the once that make-up corrupt on top. The leader should know that all religions and history have to do with the leader, a wise one will learn from the books that teach that a leader listening to those around him is messed-up in the end when they blame him after he leaves office � the leader that goes around to find out for himself has always been the wise one. Subordinates near power are interested in it or have a thing against a group of people. The people around the leader or the leader may be interested in a particular land for what is on it or in it and will end-up diverting the attention of his people to another thing so he can get to the one he wants and own it or exploit it. The people around are silenced or indulged with gifts that are not worth anything, but to the unexpected it means allot; those go around singing praises to those on the floor that he is working when in-fact he is messed-up.


Steel Production

Molten pig iron is poured into a basic oxygen furnace (BOF) for conversion to steel. Steel is a form of iron produced from iron ore, coke, and limestone in a blast furnace. Excess carbon and other impurities are removed to make a strong steel.

Farrell Grehan/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The person


         Anger of disruption of their wellbeing provokes or makes them give-up on the system and only keeps them surviving or in want for comfort.


         The mismanaged system keeps the public angry with the system of things and are tired of the well to do in higher offices insult their way falsely in the media that all is well when it is not.


         Being on ground not listening to hearsay from subordinates who drive false information of the situation to the top allows the truth to solve the problem of the masses.


         The wealth of establishment can only be worth true praise by the people when it is used to grow people�s wellbeing, by giving them a means of survival; a business funded and monitored by assistance as it used to be when the country started. Farming, industry, trading etc. were funded, monitored, fertilized and stimulated. Only the westerners and easterners do it till date, African leaders do not do it; they believe giving money directly to the poor is wrong. What is stimulus for a problem not caused by people? What is the meaning of tax? What is the meaning of Joseph in Egypt?


Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2009.


What is in the individual?

Most individuals of the world are materialistic in thinking and not spiritual in thinking. In trying to survive or in holding on to the wish for more wealth they carry on hoping that their service to God is the way to prosperity and salvation and not doing anything about their purpose in being here, when in truth there is a reason for being here; the reason being in their spirit that owns their body and soul, they allow the soul to materially dictate their quest for being. The spirit is of God and service to God can only really be through spirit; three in one. The soul being connected to materialism only obeys what it can and must, a gift from puberty that brings in emotions that matures as teenage passes to abandoned spirit which causes deterioration of uncompleted growth to spirit. Those who grow into spirit realize an opening to higher level of being and purpose, just as puberty makes a child see the difference in growing into teen age. Materialism becomes a service instrument and not a defining measure. Being in childhood is narrower than being in teenage as adults know in thoughts, so the limited view of a teenager is seen also at spirit stage of growth.


The human beings life is not restricted as the materialistic soul thinking makes the individual think in fear, that if he goes into knowing himself within the more he is lost or may be unconscious of purpose. This is not true. The truth is the path to where you carry your development is it good or is it bad, is it hell or is it heaven. That is the fear of awareness the materialistic emotions puts the person in question of going further in being who he really is, so he ignores the want of the yearning of his/ her being for something missing that is the hunger of the adult who is not in spirit that he or she lacks something. The want for more is the instinct that drives many for certificate and money, that want really is for the spirit, but the switching by Satan on Eve to Adam puts the attention steadily on materialism instead of the spirit; this is suppose to occur naturally like puberty but the path is blocked by a cherubim ordered by God. So, those that can find it are those that can turn-around to see where the real yearning is from; then they will really wish for God�s help in what they are here for and the way will open.


What should the leadership and people be?

The only way to utilize the full potential of a country is by taking the people along and not just the stalwarts who have no interest in collective growth but their pockets; the top can not work without the ground. The leader has to find away via media or internet to communicate directly with his people, find their problems and solve them; a leaders job is the solution to public problems and not only his own that is already being taken care-of by his assistants. The leader that refuses to do his office is branded badly especially when the false story is told to appease people nationally and internationally. Subordinates should always do their part in growth of the establishment and not for pocket money. The better a body, the better the lot.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


It is good to tell the true situation because it helps solves the problem. People the world over believe Africans get what they send through their leaders, not true, the people are deliberately not told so the cake given is shared among the elite who are aware of the goods. This problem is set to keep people longing for the crumbs that may fall their way if they can only get a little closer to the corner of the table of the person in-charge. The truth is that the ruler should send it to you and not you struggling to squeeze through the door where millions are trying to pass to get to the leader. The system was set in such manner but, it is played differently to cause reverence.


Thank you.




Investigate this please: - This is real.

The Masses; Lost in lust!

Why are they lost?

People like to give their responsibilities to others. They believe if their person leads others should keep quiet even when he is in error, the collective good, disallow it. The spoil of society is allowing the evil of a collected few to destroy the collective good. The present government head told us his election was rigged, that means we should not expect much from him, he is only continuing. Government has always been continuity with additions from the new that will be continued by another, the process is continuous.


Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organic farmers grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Organic farming in the United States has increased rapidly since 1990, and organic foods are projected to make up 10 percent of the agricultural market by the year 2000.

Charles D. Winters/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The false Ideology


         He is my brother or from my place, yet that person referred to has no concern about the welfare of you but, the interest of your loyalty to be a stooge.


         The one that will most likely help more is the outsider.


         The one called brother might not be extendedly related to any of those calling him brother; the brother is usually tribe or religion.


         Development is stalled by these so called elevated thinkers who keep the thought that no body should correct the so called brother when wrong, or it is an abuse on them.


         Usually the so called callers of brother are the least to gain much, they are kept to praise with tokens of the spills or securely kept at a distance, not being able to reach the so called brother at will.


         By government any so called brother is not supposed to be in the possession of any government benefits directly or it is corruption. Though policy in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is diverted; the laws have never been for those in control.

Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2009.


What is the personal problem?

The name. The name of a person�s self is not his given name by parents but his purpose of being. Advanced education is not the norm of society yet it is the way like Basic education; the system of Basic education ties primary with secondary which stops alteration of primary certificates knowing who is, the system of Advanced education will stop alteration of secondary certificates whose results are altered to the specific figures of numbers got in percentage. The spoil of society is the play on children�s growth for tribal warfare and educational setting, the bad character of the present youth is devastating � especially among the girls who will be mothers to bring the next generation of young, parents follow money instead of upbringing that was the way.


Giving the youth peace of mind by the above means will allow the child find his way when mature enough to find it without parents trying to goad a direction for the child, parents can only assist but not authorize a child to go their way that is a sin against God and the child�s purpose. By this the youth being given a purpose to have as much experience will be worth a lot in the labour market or entrepreneurs� society, then the country will be a leading nation as it is suppose to be that we show the world the way, Isaiah 18 etc. Capital should be given to a beginner to start and to pay when the business is able to. Any one who insists on a particular suggestion for another should fund it; you can not suggest anti-poverty without a solution that will work, NAPEP & NEPAD.


Who is the key?

The key is the individual who allows the body to grow into spirit then futility will cease to exist when every person is useful. The process of these was clearly stated in five articles before this. Ancestrally we were like that but, turned upside-down in the lust for deities in idols; in turning around as a collected people we are in a neutral stage in which a way has to be shown to move all to the light. That will break the curse on us by the colonial masters to be dependent on them and not to be able to run anything without them.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


The whites� interest in us was only for resources for their own development. Most of the knowledge and discoveries they claim came from Africa. When they explore, they do so for material purposes to be adorn on their arrival at home as conquerors or first to do or get�


Thank you.




Investigate this please: - Is it real?

Democratic Change. No more Genocide for Corruption?

What is the meaning of majority and minority in Corruption?

Depravation is the majorities� mistake. You can not exist without coexisting with those around you. Leadership should never be given to a person because he is from a particular group but to a person who knows what to do. Obama was a minority in every form in the USA but he is president for what and how well he can do. The best leaders in this country have always been those from smaller groups because they have fear of the majority. The majorities have never shown any regard for authority but to abuse it when they are in-charge. The majorities of the east have been sidelined by the other majorities for long, the elephants are fighting the grass is suffering. The true founders of the ruling party have been kicked out by parasites from other parties or have abandoned the party because of these wolves, distorting the true meaning and purpose of the party.



The world at night viewing towards Africa.

         Government can only ask-off when they are there for the people like the world does; stimulus package from taxes, you can not ask-off people you starve when they are in need. If Joseph and Pharaoh did it, the whole world does it till today; Nigeria did it until the early eighties in agric and small business � the previous so called peoples government did it for government to promote who will take over the reigns. Are we animals? We are technocrats!


         Condoms do not work in protecting the base of the male organ or the labia where cut hair causes abrasion.  


         This is not an insult on any group of persons but helping Nigerians find their ability to complain for their rights.


Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2010.


What is the individual to a politician?

Did you vote them in? If you did not or did � demand your right, that is what the whole world is doing; a people who would not demand their rights are part of the so called people�s corruption and the world withdraws from you which are sanctions, they do not need to use the word. You can not say he is my brother as majority when he eats alone and watch you starve, shows no concern of your welfare, the road you pass, how you live or your health. You are looked upon by such people as dull or a deserter where they take your God given rights that only you should control not even your parents and use it for their own earns.  The world will not use the word sanctions on Nigeria because of Abacha�s dare on them; where he told Garry Striker of CNN that the western-world says they will impose sanctions, let them do it � when they could not he imposed his sanctions of basic necessities of which they can only get from here and moved the market to Asia�


You can only have your rights when you take it, power is not given it is taken. If you believe you will wait for some one to give it to you � you will loose why you came into the world in the first place, never allow anyone take off you what is your right to survive. That is why Africa suffers. The sly, inanity and obtuse competitive life, instead of cooperative life is the new problem resulting in conceit. Evil or Good is the choice off materialism by the spirit; evil puts you under a quest to live for materialism via emotions, good puts you in control of materialism and drive of evil; evil is easy because your in the darkness � the night sky is true for the sun is day, good is difficult because you have to move to its light-link to connect with the greater light outside the darkness to bring the light into the darkness. This choice depends on the spirit being self or the spirit obedient to the soul through want for materialism, unfortunately most are materialist; before the sin there was one evil and many good now there are many evil and one good. The linking height or depth determines the being even if it is physically from a distant planet. Aliens, fallen angels or sons of God because they lived in their spirit� occidents and orients.


There are 13 major rooms or firmaments to heaven and so into the darkness: Light Region:- God, Elders, Church, Archangels, Angels, Prime-spirits, Conscious-spirits, Unconscious-spirits, Lords of Elementals, Vibration Elementals and Matter or Body; Dark Region:- Matter or Body, Vibration Elementals, Lords of Elementals, Unconscious-spirits, Conscious-spirits, Prime-spirits, Angels, Archangels, Church, Elders, God the Holy Spirit, God the Son, God the Father. Headed by: Light Region:- From Elders down to Angels by Will and Counselor, Spirit by Above, Elementals by Father of the gods, Matter by Dub or Mind; Dark Region:- Matter by Dub or Mind, Elementals by Lord of Dark, Spirits by Latent, Elders to Angels by Current or Waters and Darkness. All are interwoven in a circular link. Those of evil do not have their light self � their light self keeps them alive, but those of light have their dark self. More in or


Why write?

What I am writing down is known by every Nigerian in some form or the other and if not put in this format it would have exploded because they are always waiting for some one to lead the havoc against government, it is every where, all you need to do is ask and you�ll see their rage when they tell you what is going on which is true. To arrest one for speaking the truth that will quench the thirst for aggressive action for governance change is absurdity because, almost every one is involved other than those enjoying the ruling party and its cake. This is a public court where the truth of the situation will set us free from what so ever latent setting of doom by those who say we will breakup, if you don�t bring out all that is wrong, the wounds and the solutions, an explosion of anger should occour and we will loose the country as it is.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


The USA and UK said we will break-up because of these, to ensure we do not; this has to be done to stop that contemplation. The peoples democratic party was formed to help the people and not to rip-off them, this alteration has driven most of the original people before the renaming of the group that freed the country off the clutches of the military to democracy to form a new party, a gathering of other parties as congress for democratic change to remove the dictatorship in democracy and give it back to the peoples decision � the old plan, which merged parties for a common or better candidate in winning. Rowdy protest is ridiculous in Africa because government being by the people in-charge usually over react.


Thank you.


African Philosophy: - Rights!

Human Rights. The spirit way.

Where is corruption in human rights?

In reality human rights abuse has always been for corruption. Manipulating people for your own selfish ends is corruption of the spirit and an abuse of human rights, suicide bombers, rioters etc. 7 Point Agenda was displayed on NTA by the UNDP in July 2006 for Obasanjo�s Nigeria Situation in June 2006, can parents or any one transfer a School Certificate? All literary works are not owned by anybody other than the copyright or certificate owner who knows how he got it and what is. It is government�s job to use the national cake for all so deregulation is wrong, unless there is no national cake from what is being deregulated. Or where will the money be diverted to? The humiliation on the government is the humiliation the people of that country get where ever they go.



The world viewing towards Africa.

Human Rights

freedom, justice, and equality: the rights that are considered by most societies to belong automatically to everyone, e.g. the rights to freedom, justice, and equality

Microsoft� Encarta� 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


350 BC

Persian Rulers Allow Freedom of Worship

Persian rulers permit the worship of numerous deities. As long as Persian subjects remain loyal to their country, they are allowed to worship in peace.

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


The spirit inherently has human rights; it is the soul being controlled by the darkness that needs to be regulated. Even animals are organised without an enforcer or regulator.

Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2010.


Who are you?

Most people in Nigeria get very angry when the quarrel or outburst from arguments and so on brings out the word �who are you?� that question is in depth, the truth is why they are angry is because the shield of background covering them as who they are materially is not who they are, so they get very angry because of the sensation of something in their stomach not there; if your spirit is active and you are doing what you are here on earth to do you will answer the question of �who are you?� with the name of your being with a sense of satisfaction and not with your given name and materialistic belongings that arouses anger from the pit of the stomach that you are missing something.


Rights is power, it can be given by suggestions but the reality of it can only be got by you who have to be in your being or origin of your body�s formation from your parents whose way in the world brought you to your similarity as an entrance to the earth. Elementals who are of soul weave in your route as the spirit of similarity of those formation makes decent to fulfill a purpose, the mission is the name of the being, no being comes to fulfill another�s purpose. In soul firmaments are of 5 of 4, in spirit firmaments are 7 of 3. Angel�s firmaments are 4. Elder�s firmament is 1 and so is Divinity. Once the purpose of coming here is achieved you translate into a higher circular of existence, those who fail by ignoring or forgetting their meaning are forced out by death to a semicircular existence; that is a wider whole existence for the  victor and a smaller dark side for the fiasco. It is said you came empty and will leave with nothing, not true, you leave with the information you gather into your being that will judge where you belong that is the guilty feeling or pleasant feeling � the very bad loose the guilt feeling for intention to do guilt.


Sports that are defined by male and female are the only unifying factor in the global society. Women who give rights to children threw their own away to evil and have to get it back from there and not to follow the track of man in trying to live in men�s clothing since the fall of Eve. Women who are known to complain or for bickering have unknowingly been working the path arranged for them by Satan trying to do what is of men making them loose their rights, the rights of women depends on them bringing their own way into the world � the way of woman is really not in the world; they gave their way to evil and are doing the way of man. Man�s curse is work or nothing. Mankind generally fell for the fallen male and female that put the curse on them; so they became all cut-off. Satan was not cut-off but subdued. Woman was only punished in child bearing because of the adultery and seed of Cain, but their purpose was not lost because they did not know. Adam knew but threw it for what he wanted to use it for. He had not matured to Angel stage to use it.


How do you be?  


The truth is that the singular stage of Adam and Eve is of soul and since emotions rule, the impression is to stick to the soul. In matter there are three original stages and one false one of adultery by an alien. Look into your being and wish greatly to find out you. Do not make imagination to find you that is not you, that is an illusion. Wish for God�s help and guidance to what you agreed on. There is a reason for being here and that reason is not poured out at once as the emotions makes you believe, the purpose is like how you grew gradually from puberty to teenager but it is internal; while the one seen is the one everyone passes through.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


Do not force any of your quests. Some people force themselves mentally by squeezing or pressurizing their brain, giving them headaches through the contortions on their faces as frowns etc. when they read or solve a problem. This results in headaches from the strain on the facial muscles that pull on the neck muscle. Stretching frees it. Relax.


Thank you.


African Philosophy: - Individual!

The Person. The human being.

Who is a person in state?

The way a child grows-up affects all decisions the adult will make. If the spirit is in-charge the ill-brought up child will not be ill-mannered, but if the person remains like most in their emotions � then the character of the people around that person becomes an influential trait in the personal attitude of the person over societies; the Niger Delta is a clear example where the wroth of the stain of bondage or deprivation made most people have a problem over their environment so they do not bother giving to society what they might have gained from it they end-up feeding on it alone. The truth of the matter is that they join others from the major blocks of the country to exploit the area, to save the silence of the nation.

Niger Delta, Nigeria

The Niger River enters Nigeria from the northwest, crossing the western part of the country to join the Atlantic Ocean in the south. Near the coast, the river forms this delta with mangrove forests, lagoons, and swamps stretching about 100 km (about 60 mi) inland. The Niger Delta is the largest in Africa, covering an area of about 36,000 sq km (about 14,000 sq mi).

M. Bertinetti/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


The Niger Delta is the abode of the national cake; the Middle Belt is the supplier of many commodities, the majority that has solid resources have chosen to abandon or save their resources and empty the union of the country.

         When a people are chanced for selfish interests they get aggressive because, they are not fools to the system of democracy.

         Democracy is from a collected people�s choice of who they want to represent them and not who can find his way by chafing them of their choice.

         The country or system can not be okay unless the 3 majority blocks learn the sharing of old � that was trade by batter � this still exist in the villages where a farmer gives a hunter part of what he has and so the other shares his game.

         The postal system has to be because of the people, the postal system is deprived of staff attention because of the rouges in office; when a people see extortion of funds in mass by the so called elected, they unwittingly abuse their service to attention of pace, because of their anger that they work for a fee and those deceptive and grotesque charlatan elected rub their lively hood.

         We should not neglect our way of living for the white mans way, they have never valued us in the sense of meaning; only for their site of origin.

         They have stories of their formation as from beings from up or outside earth; the Europeans and the Chinese. 


Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2010.


Who is a person?

Parents are the settings of society. The upbringing of a human being is their making; what they allow, is. A child should be allowed to do what he or she came to do. Parents who think the child is a replacement are ludicrous by heaven because they will carry with the preschooler�s punishment for their cause.


The meaning of mankind�s formation is what you came to do or be in the universe. All are tied together. Women who have forgotten what they are from their body, have to wake their inner-motive to find out their contribution to the identity of mankind and the universe, the problem has always lied with them mainly. What is in a woman is remarkable because they hold the emotions most part of the 5 of the Elemental or Soul world; that is the one rib. A man is named over a woman because the rest are up to him, but if he is trapped in the world of a woman who does not know what is in her way, how will he get out solving problems for both of them?


Unless women get out of their so called happy trap that a 15 year old girl is smarter than a 60 year old man in luring, the world will never be right. The problem remains with their decision on children. Women blame men for control but they are the bringers of children and have to learn to cooperate with men who naturally like women do get external education from peers and others. Women think that men�s jobs are their providence, not so, they are supposed to contribute their meaning. The man or woman of the future depends on a woman, the man�s contribution is usually visitational, either by advice or by finance; he has to provide. The woman is the usual monitor and real dormant factor of the home. The man is the head but, more of a visitor.


The woman�s role is mastering her emotions to bring out her spiritual contribution. They are similarities in both male and female in work, just like sports, but the woman�s role is unique � different from that of a man � men should also learn to leave what is woman to women. The ways of tradition forgotten in the cities are the roots women should bring-in. Men never left their traditional role that is why they are the dominant factor in societal ways. Women complain of men�s dominance but, in truth they allow it through what they bring-up. The way of government is reinvented always every where, it will always be because it is like that at the highest heights.


How do you be an individual in society?  


Individuality is a person influencing society in one way or the other. Finding your meaning is your influence on society not following what is not you or influenced by another for their selfish interest. Once you have finished what you came for you can fix any other problem with ease, all will be for you. Traditionally, society has a role for every one but, the problem is the voodoo that came to make religion drive people off it; remove the necromancy, then find the truth in your setting in society � this adage is more for women because, they are really the lost. Men are the deceived. Go around or employ both sexes and you will see what is here.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


Do not obey what you do not know or agree with, like the ways of the foreigners whose ways always seem forceful in your being � feels alien � learn what is necessary but, be you.


Thank you.


African Philosophy: - Sin!

The Sin. What is in it?

What is sin?

Every body fears death but they do not care if God is, some are happy to say they are atheists. People only remember God when they are in need. The sin is not growing to spirit because of the linked chain of ancestral burden of alteration to remain in the expanse of materialism through the mind that connects body and soul. Every religious person knows the sin is by Adam and Eve with Satan, but what is their sin: � Eve, Adam�s wife, committed adultery with Satan and had Cain (Compare Genesis 2, 3, 4 with Daniel 7) They were suppose to choose the tree of life or the spirit before knowing the pleasures of the soul that opens materialism of everything in the mind. Adam should have impacted his knowledge on Eve instead of admiring the things he was asked to name, he should have had his wife by his side to educe or groom her off been a novice � been alone in their resting place Satan had the opportunity to seduce her to adultery and twisted her to the span of materialism in the mind, imagination; she then had coitus with Adam with the alteration and seduced him to that path. All on earth chose to follow them because of the mark of difference in them and the sin trapped all that were not part of it.

Fig Fruit

The fig is one of the oldest cultivated plants. The fruit has a tough green covering. The inside is edible, with its sweet, juicy pulp and many tiny seeds.

Courtesy of Karl B�rgel

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


         The fruit given to woo Eve has become the norm of womanhood that, every luring has to come with a price paid by gifts.

         Diamond or money is a woman�s best friend shows their lust for materialism and their-being lost in the dreams of the mind.

         When women learn to get out of that mentality then they will change society and the world through the children they bring-up.

         The bringing-up of children to man and woman flows via the impact of that original sin; that sin has to be changed by the women re-altering the way of things.

         When women learn to kick-off what is not theirs, especially women that are not white who only borrowed the sin via admiration and men who brought this sinners through respect, have to re-evaluate their methods, then the children of the future will be out and off the sin.

Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2010.


What is in sin?

The Tree of good and evil or the Tree of everything is the mind content. The illusion of a drive to material quest to exist or impress is the expanse the goad to matter puts a beings body in leaving the body in-charge and the spirit the master an energy source. The body is the robot of the spirit to interact with matter physically. So, if the carcass is dominant and driven by the darkness through the soul, is that not a sin against the purpose of coming here? That is why God abandoned mankind to the fate of the darkness they chose to belong to. The darkness is the computer that is finitely everywhere in the universe, to be used effectively after finding your spirit then you can use it to do anything in the universe and not to be locked or restricted to the body and physicality.


The respect of death by man that was a consequence for the fall for materialism increased the punishment and sustenance of sin on future generations; mankind can be said to worship death more than any other being, because the fear of death or respect for it has become the custom of societies the world over to revere it. Yet death is only for those in sin and not for those in the path of truth, those in truth transcend. Death is like an antivirus that may alter but does most of the job.


How do you avoid it?  


When the grooming of woman is towards finding her spirit then the conception of children will be towards light and the upbringing when they are infants will be driven to the truth of finding their spirit in truth and not in memorizing to impress but, to find their way to their spirit before accepting the choice of path in materialism in their name. Then, the child becoming an adult will grow in the light of truth and if all are like that then sin is no more. God�s presence will be for mankind as it was in the Garden, they will be able to communicate with Him and instantly get their request; like what I am writing that is from the highest heights.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


Seeing things from such height is different from seeing things in a straight line, things are seen in a circular and a whole view from all sides � to and fro � straight within and around; both good and evil form all corners, in and out � from and within & to and within. Infinite vision. Doing is same. This does not mean you should imagine this but, attain the spirit to see to your capacity which is wider than emotional viewing as it is now with most people on earth.


Thank you.


African Philosophy: - Do!

The Being. Doing your name?

What is your purpose?

Those of the Niger Delta and Hausa are the only ones in Nigeria who know how to complain until they get their rights, like in colonialism - they start others come-in as crowds. A person�s purpose is to prepare a conducive environment to find the person�s self, if the country, region or place is not okay you will not be able to meditate � though it will drive you to find out why. The purpose of a person is to do the person�s name where-ever the person is, doing or being your name is the reason you were granted to be sent here in the first place that will promote your being to a better and higher existence. Heaven is not as the soul makes you think that you will be tied to rules, it is the exact opposite; in reality it is the soul that is really in rules � the smaller the formation the tighter the rules, like the body of matter is denser its rules are tighter.

Milky Way Galaxy

Our own solar system exists within one of the spiral arms of the disk-shaped galaxy called the Milky Way. This false-color image looks toward the center of the Milky Way, located 30,000 light-years away. Bright star clusters are visible along with darker areas of dust and gas.

Morton-Milon/Science Source/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


         The spirit is not trapped as the soul.

         Matter came from the spirit; viruses are the smallest living of matter and only the spirit can deal with them.

         The cure for viruses can not be through a material or soul thinking brain that can only create environments for the spirit to be able to act.

         The spirit is before the body and if frustrated by the body and soul will trigger a release from the cosmos that will free it from the bond of the dictating darkness through the soul.

         The soul is below the body and is the connection to the internet of the darkness as computers of brains; before the computer was the human brain that was called computer; the computer is named after the brain that is a computer of the spirit and soul; for the soul is the internet or darkness connection.

         The soul is from matter, just as the body is of matter; the spirit is the oldest of the three, matter is next, then the soul; but in the human being the body is the youngest formation living yet not the new amongst the three.

Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2010.


How do you find your purpose?

Prayer is complaining to God. People who sit with their mouths closed because of society will loose their rights and paths to God. You should live for who you are and not for what is society, live for truth. Parents are linked by Soul to each other, the woman a part of the man; children are only linked to parents by body, relationship of blood. The conditions for your coming were the path or door through your parents, that means parents or pre-generation are the gateway for post-generation.


In looking inwards into your brain you will find a path through the rear brain to the light or should I say to the east where a cherubim is blocking with a flaming sword; the path to you. You have to grow internally from mustard seed to tree; you are used to growing externally because of the body and emotions. You will find out within you as you seek all you are that there is a meaning to you � something you do better or away to what to do. For a man that way will continue till he is 12 ribs or has 12 firmaments, before he moves from image of God in form to like God, in a man�s growth he has to pass through the one rib of emotions or soul held by woman; for a woman she has her body to beat only by going inward into her rear brain, then merging with her man to have the 12 ribs. Both united and linked to God have the �like� or 13th of Divinity.


At such stage aliens etc will want to know you because you are like all of existence that are aright. Every being of the universe in the numbers of stars that has no numeric quantity for how many there are, have 13 � the failures are earthlings cut-off from interacting with superior brains using over 100% of their capacity compared to humans� using less than 10% of their capacity to do things. Why it is less than 10% is because they only live in their body and partly in their emotions. A human not using all connections and parts of his being is a novice to existence and his mind; you can only be over 100% when you are connected to all that makes and adds up to you. Then, you will be one with your light and dark self.


How do you do your purpose?  


Guiding others is a start that lets you understand you. Then, doing what your name is � is the step to take. Your mistakes on others will hang around for you to correct, you will be rewarded for truth. Jesus� name is the Word and he did it. My name is the Mind and I am doing it.


Every body has a name; the lie of Satan is making you live another�s life so you are subject to death. You are supposed to live for you and not for Satan; you are living the curse on Satan to feed him: Satan feeds on dust, man becomes dust; Genesis 3.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


Man prefers the rites of recitation dust to dust in death. Sin is living your emotions to feed Satan; it is like worshipping him with energies to keep him alive, an introduction from his children to fear him. The invasion of colonization introduced the aspect of those that respected them in the mark they carried to loose their ability to the colonialists source.


Thank you.


African Philosophy: - Urge!

The Being�s Urge. Your drive to ego!

What is the urge?

The urge of a human is a drive to a purpose, but in this garden where there are more bad fruits and few good fruits, the urge has become the urge for material satisfaction; every thing taken is to satisfy a hunger that caused an urge to satisfy that urge, dependence on the drive to quench longing causes an addiction, that addiction becomes habit that becomes a way of life. So it is with wealth or power.

Colliding Galaxies

A collision between two spiral galaxies that began millions of years ago created the so-called Antennae galaxies, named for the antenna-like arms thrown out by the encounter. The two galaxies are merging together, causing billions of new stars to form in the blue regions. Our Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy will collide in a similar way billions of years from now.

NASA/ESA/Hubblesite/Hubble Heritage Team/B. Whitmore

Microsoft � Encarta � 2009. � 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



The Milky way is colliding with two smaller galaxies right now.

Galaxies are clusters of stars.


         Global warming is caused by humans� and nature.

         Global warming is enhanced by humans� who have to learn to curb the act of increasing such conditions.

         The alignment of the centre of the black-hole with the moon, earth and sun is enough alteration of gravitons and shields to allow natural twist of conditions favourable to living things.

         If mankind can create conditions that will not spoil the atmosphere he may be able to protect most things from the exposure to varied rays or waves from space when the alignment occours in 2012.

         It is natural for people to distract themselves of occurrences hoping that their material wish is, instead of prevention they say they are usually at the cure.

         The bible�s end is filled with doom but, it does not mean God will alter himself for mankind�s wish to keep living materially, it means one day the change will start and be persistent until it is all done. Nothing is so instant � when changing a collected people.

         The system has been changing, mankind has been waiting for the instant change; but the change started long ago and is being concluded.

Existence-ok� 2003; The Mind in Existence� 2006; Existence-ok Industries� 2003. 1987-2010.


How do you control your craving?

Lust is controlled by going into the want while the elation is pushing your attention outwards, you turn into it and in into it to find the origin of the need. Yearning for a thing is the attachment on that thing after the first impression of pleasure, causing a desire.


Bad habits rules the norm of society and the desire for them can squelched by knowing the reason for the want of that emotional pleasure, most people in such habits have never observed the experience the pleasure as it controls them, the pleasure is the materialistic control the emotions puts you and leaves you in; that is what allows evils control and crime etc. comes. Women who live in their body and emotions (1rib) have better control of emotions than men, but men have better control of the body than women; men visit their emotions, but a man in 12ribs � clearly explained in previous editions � is 100% brain and control power. It is a man�s job to work, but a woman�s job to bring up the future; women should do what the west did: Modern day Christianity was redesigned with all the cultures of the Europeans available to Constantinople throwing out all the evil; Traditionally women have a role, both men and women have to readjust the present system to a technocratic one.


Men have their own work crave and women their own work crave: traditionally women garden and men farm; like sports or religion society becomes stable when both sexes do not see themselves in respect of competition but cooperation. Everything happened this way to build the untaught or ungroomed: woman.


Who controls crave?  


A united being of the 13 firmaments or ribs, that is male and female would have absolute control and not dependent on the ways of the world because he will have both good and evil to choose from; the darkness or its demons do not give you choices they impose on you, as Satan imposed on Eve conditions and lures. God gave them a choice between life and everything, telling them the conditions; it was choice of want and which to start with. Aliens are all using their 13 ribs or like and not images, so they can not mingle with humans below their capacity. They only come to those who have control of being like them. Genesis 6.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


At REM-sleep what is the origin of a being is the dream of that being. When they say something does not exist and there are multiple reasons why that thing should be, then they are covering something which usually is a link to those covering it.


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Descriptive from the Bible a woman is 1 rib off a man; in the sense depicted by the body or emotions you will not understand it. You can only discern it when you are in spirit: the ribs or firmaments are levels of existence. The woman is given emotional control that subdues a man�s imagination in want; a woman�s control of her desire is the superiority between both sexes in emotions.

There are 13 main rooms or ribs: Depth, Matter, Ethereal, Plant, Animal, Element, Unconscious, Conscious, Prime, Angel, Church, Elder and Divinity. In each of these rooms there are subs. The ethereal is the woman�s control. In Genesis 3, woman was cursed in child bearing, because of her ignorance of knowledge but, her acceptance of sin; adultery. Man�s curse is work to feed. Both were cut-off. Where Satan was cursed to eat dust and mankind returns to dust. Satan was not cut-off.

Woman has her ethereal (emotions) and matter (body). The body is an addition to both as garments of skin. Without the body it is twelve ribs from where they were at the time of sin, which is the ethereal. Man lost all his ribs other than the garment of skin and the link to the ethereal; it became the woman�s job to guide children to know who they are that was her curse, children grow into men and women. But, the woman had given herself to Satan�s alteration for want of knowledge in which man was asked to name. So, if the world is still in sin, then the woman keeps it that way; she is the one to change the world by bringing up the child in the path of knowing his/her being, if the children grow into adults without their spirit the woman is responsible because that is her curse to repair what she started by falling for the alien; you have to look inward to the light in the rear of the brain in deep yearn for God�s purpose in you and pass the knowledge down.

The children of Cain are supposedly the children of the sin. Genesis 6 is another error by beings or aliens; Son�s of God are those in their full being and are not images but are like God. The children of Africa�s sub are not those of sin but, became part of it by giving their loyalties, respect and authorities to those of sin subduing them. The sin came as Adam and Eve were cast out with garments of skin into Mesopotamia as some migrated off Africa.

The connection of a being like the mind to the body was the same, what happens in ethereal happens to its linked body. Africa fell and the whole world fell in colonization, the gift of fear to turn people to their way; their culture was sorted out and merged with Christianity, ours unfortunately is being abandoned instead of being sorted out for the good and then the bad thrown away. Traditional ways have no lacking in their integration of people but, the worship of other deities has to be abolished and the true culture kept and not abandoned for evil or another�s way.

Prince. Oko Offoboche



Let us go deeper. Man lost all his connections to his being; his tie to the Plant, Animal, Element, Unconscious, Conscious, Prime, Angel, Church, Elder and Divinity ribs or rooms or firmaments � this leaves woman who was cut-off only after man who was taught by him naming what was brought to him, to decide the future of the child. The woman never lost her own link but, through man who held the way to other ribs, she too was cut-off; the purpose is a child grows through puberty seeing physical changes into a teenager, the teenager should grow into spirit that was cut-off.

The Devil was given their emotions to feed on. The way to truth is for the woman who was given the punishment of child bearing to bring-up the child into spirit and that will wipe out the curse, mankind was not made to be a farm for the Devil � but mankind has remained there because of interest in pleasure, the same way they were got by the Devil. The woman was supposed to be groomed by the man who everything was brought to him that is: Depth, Matter, Ethereal, Plant, Animal, Element, Unconscious, Conscious, Prime, Angel, Church and Elder where they will grow from image to likeness or Sons and Daughters of God; the woman needs to find her soul-mate and unite into the other ribs, but the man is cut-off so it is emotional.

The key to heaven is the unity of male and female mates uniting their ribs to likeness as 13. The signs are everywhere 13 lunar months, 13 zodiac signs etc. The 12 ribs and the vertebrae are all signs for the firmaments to develop through. So, a woman who opens her child�s eyes is opening the future, the future male will be able to groom the woman and both unite to being like God; this will stop women�s menstrual pain because their spirit�s will be opened and would have grown from a mustard seed to a tree. There is a male and female part of everything, the male being the usual dominant factor until the formation of ethereal or Genesis 2.

Women should go into tradition to find their role to introduce this to the male dominated society; unfortunately though women taught the children that the males are in-charge, the males do not have their identity in existence � so the females who are complete miss the link through the man. The link instead became to the Devil as food or energy for his survival. The Devil deceived Eve, Eve deceived Adam. God�s great annoyance was on the man who was taught. When a man looks into his rear brain to find the light through the cherubim guarding it with a flaming sword, he is filled with knowledge as he passes through the firmaments and who ever is his woman will be linked into that knowledge when she unites.

Women in bringing up children should know when to stop controlling a child or the diversions will make the child detest them. Why? Because the child will feel astray from what his/her cause is, they can only remain as advisers and aid to the child�s stability.

Prince. Oko Offoboche



Going further, it is a pity how much time-past and generation-change destroys a system though this was intended because of the second alteration specified in Genesis 6, before the change of throne from the brunet haired Pharaoh Haremhab who had no heir to his thrown gave the thrown to the blond haired Pharaoh Ramses; that changed the arrangement to what we have now, idol, bondage at a high scale and territory expansion at a vast scale for resources � until 3316 years later a different though mixed ruler took over as Obama.

Women can only find their tasks by wisely going to the villages that have not been stained with the system of doing things but, have been messed-up with juju from the alteration of Ramses and others. The process has always been a system of belief then, away of doing things. If the men built by women can be opened to the truth that will erase sin; sin is not what people coin around it � it is the deviation off the spirit and why you came � to the purpose of Devil and what he gets off you; then the women will have a place to connect to and men will not be available to lead everyone to fill hell, because their deviation to ethereal, matter and depth traps them to hell. Aliens have intervened clearly twice, Genesis 3 and 6. Any time the punishment is, first: - a flaming sword blocking the way to the rear brain where walking occurs, then second: - age reduced; death was brought in with the first alteration and mankind was brought closer to death with the second twist.

Reducing the time of life reduces thinking that allowed for material thinking � placing all efforts on property or certifying names. This conceit, allows the mind to divert energies to the darkness and information that plays in dream for the spirit is not proper. The system of living like capitalism, socialism, communism etc. affected people and were the biggest tool of deviation of thought. Machismo and feminism competition put the problem of peer groups reorienting mentalities, when it should be cooperation � rather than being animalistic. The person who does a thing in this deceptive world is usually sidelined by those in authority for the merits and not being the innovator in doing the thing, mistakes occour because they follow the Devil who lied and stole what he did not do.

The aliens brought what destroyed them then here excessive rules; the basic rule of God is enough to guide ethereal-mankind but, restrictions in everything kills. There is a limit to rules. Right now the world is fighting its laws � the prisons these rules have done are the complaints on and by those of office. There are some offices in men�s hands that are really for women, but most women offices do not exist because, they have not gone into themselves to get it but prefer living in the position they are in or fear to take their rights. Your own name is? Your man�s name is? A man is positive and a woman negative; the complementary task of the man is the woman�s office.

Prince. Oko Offoboche



More truth no figures, the purpose of woman is like the purpose of man but, the exact opposite; in spirit or Genesis 1 women were created with men, in Genesis 2 women were created last but, men were created first. In all of these men are in-charge of 11 ribs and women only 1 rib. The religious books speak from the spirits� decent into soul in activity and Genesis 3 tells of the spirit and souls� decent into the body. When women bring out their complementary task on earth and build the children to their paths as I indicated in three previous versions then the world will be a different place, the world is bound to the world of woman only � the path she accomplice with the Devil who stole her rights and caused mans� path to be cut-off knowing it will be to the victor, ignoring the consequences. The place women are in-charge of is the place man was taught everything and women were novices in, women spooling the energies of endocrine activity can not have the false position the Devil made to them in heading the ethereal but, luring is the only gift he left for them.

Women can only have the fool power of their purpose by finding out their path and find their exact opposite, it does not mean opposite in physical character but, spiritual growth which is internal and so is the character. Women chose desire and man accepted desire from them that made them live in the illusion of property instead of truth of living and having everything. Your mood is the Kid. The purpose was fool growth � after emotions to spirit. The problem has been growing and stopping in emotions; if women grow into their spirit then they will bring what they are supposed to do here, here. The role of a woman is missing.

The Devil�s lie is what mankind lives in, the truth is life then everything; you can not have everything and have life, but you can have life and have everything. Mankind chose everything before life, it will never be because you cut-off the spirit in such a position living in 3 ribs instead of completely in twelve and one. That is, cutting of God and every other being to live for the Devil who chose to live alone and trick beings to follow desire to where they remain attached to materialism in feeding him, being bound to property � he owns you. God allows you to own yourself or be where ever you want, whatever choice becomes your abode.

If you choose to be with God you will find the light in your rear brain, nothing is given by empty talk or prayer without action and you have to go internally to the cherubim with a flaming sword in quest for you in God and it will open. The way it is to see from highest heights is not the same in seeing from the lowest height. Seeing and doing everywhere or affecting everything is the superior being. The will to move off emotions of teen is met with fear of the unknown that is the gift of the curse to block the sinners. Those who chose to be on their own are not contacted by any good being that is the whole of existence including beings in the universe.

Prince. Oko Offoboche


Royal Niger Company created a system where the six zones of Nigeria became of two parts in ruler-ship and wealth:

1.      for the Ibo�s the colonialists left retailing and power,

2.      for the Hausa�s the colonialists left whole sale and governance,

3.      for the Yoruba�s the colonialist left export and import with management,

4.      for the Niger Delta the colonialists left peasants and marketers,

5.      for the Middle belt the colonialists left subsistence and marketers,

6.      for the North East the colonialists left nomad and marketers.

Now, a select few in the contest for power and governance between some Ibos and some Hausa sparked a crisis that led to civil war. The Yoruba were blamed for instigating the crisis; the Ibos� mistake was secession, the Hausas� gain was power and governance and all other regions of the country were mismanaged. Those that caused the uproar of freedom from colonialisation began obstructing the corrupt leaders from exploiting their resources; they exploited without plowing the profits back into the source of wealth leaving the place eco-devastated. The few Hausa that extol power controlled the prices of goods as they fixed them in the cash for crops era deal with the RNC (Royal Niger Company) that was also a slave market root. Religion was used by these twisters to alter illiterates to believe in their cause using demarcations as North and South when it comes to politics forgetting they have held power more than any part of the country � using the military; the illiterates being left deliberately in this state to be used when hands are needed for assault or election by bribery are cultural only.

-        Dr. Namdi Azikiwe a historian trained to the highest degree in USA was President who could dismiss a failed cabinet; Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa an Islamic scholar was Prime minister and ran government.

-        Royal Niger Company is the treaty signed between the Hausa and British for cash crops; the treaty was extended to the middle belt, Tiv etc. This later included slave trade.

Reference: Encarta

Prince. Oko Offoboche


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